Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Can Be Crafty, and Not in a Sneaky Way.

Lately, pinterest has inspired me to do crafty things. So, I make things for my friends. Here are a few of them.

This is what I made for my Harry Potter obsessed friend.

I painted a light switch on the right. I took the picture before the final touches were made, which were sparkles.
This idea came from this pin. HarryPotterLightSwitch

 I almost kept this one for myself, haha. I made a wind chime from bottle caps. This is actually my second one, the first one i painted the caps, and wired them together. I used only Bell's Brewery bottle caps, (keeping it local!) and drilled holes in the caps, and wired them together.

 Here's the inspiration for the bottle cap wind chimes. bottlecapwindchimes

This is a dragonfly made from wire, blue beads, and an old bangle bracelet.

There's no link for this one, it's a last minute project that turned out better than I thought it would.

Here's the first bottle cap wind chime I made for my Mom. I painted these caps blue and used an old cd to connect them all.

Pinterest is awesome. I'll keep adding my crafty projects as I make them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey Now, I have 20 Pairs of All-Stars.

So, in the last post I mentioned that i needed one more pair of Converse All Stars to make it a nice even twenty pairs. Guess what i got?

Yes! They DO look like disco balls! 

Now, i have a total of TWENTY pairs of Chucks. I have pretty much every color you can think of. And eventually I am going to wear a pair a day, and being as I am, take a photo of them. I'll more than likely blog about that. And i know you'll all be excited to read it.

So, i watch a lot of cartoons. I babysit, and i use that as an excuse to watch these cartoons. Lately, i've been missing Animaniacs like CRAZY.

End of post.

I wasn't sure how to end this, so i'll end it abruptly i guess.

edit-i just spent about 20 minutes redesigning this blog.

I still don't like it. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Have You Seen Carl?

Summer is over, sadly, and again it flew by.

Things I'll miss about the summer.
- Fireflies, or lightning bugs.
-having the windows open and the warm rain falling.
-warm weather.
-flip flops.
-longer days. 
-wild flowers. 

Things i will NOT miss.
-110 degree weather.

So, fall is upon us, and with that it brings:
-cooler weather.
-World Series.
-pretty fall colors.
- new episodes of my fav. shows. 

Enjoy this.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Piercing Blue Eyes of an Ice Dragon

Tigers, well, we got swept by the Mariners last year too, and we were fine.
They've released Brandon Inge. And this is bad and good. He's a good person, gives back to Detroit, and liked living in Michigan, and everyone loved him, well, not everyone. He was batting .100. And, that's not good, baseball-wise, and his fielding at second base was iffy to say the least. So, the Tigers let him go. I hope he finds a team he can play for and actually PLAYS for them.
Good Luck Mr. Inge.

Delmon. I have no words for you.

Community and 30 Rock were AWESOME last night. (April 26) The Law and Order Community was fantastical, i never want this show to end. And 30 Rock, you had PAUL FREAKING MCCARTNEY and i flipped out. The live show was wonderful, and i thought it was funnier than last years live show.
This connects the two.

Troy on 30 Rock as a Young Tracy.

Meanwhile, in unrelated baseball news. Lisa and i were talking via the IM a few months ago, and she sends me a link for the Goyte song "Somebody I Used to Know"  She warned me about the "nudity." lol. And they played this song on Glee a few weeks ago, and thinking it sounded familiar, i thought, i like this song. Then, Goyte was on SNL, and i re-watched the video and everything fell into place. What's my point you may ask, and my reply would be, i don't remember. No, wait, i do, my point is this song has been stuck in my noggin since the SNL performance. And that i should just start listening to whatever music Lisa does. She told me about Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" before I even knew who Gaga was.

I'm going to create some more Converse All Stars on

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April in the D is BACK.

Today is Wednesday, and of course that means, tomorrow is Thursday, but this week's Thursday has an added bonus. What is it you may ask, because normal Thursdays consist of Community and 30 Rock, what could possibly make this week's Thursday better?


That's right, baseball is back, well, Wednesday consists of a game between the Tigers and the Toledo Mud Hens, this should be interesting, of course, because the Mud Hens are a minor League farm team for the Tigers, also, Jamie Farr, Corporal Klinger on M*A*S*H is from Toledo, and therefore a Mudhens fan. But, who does one root for? Doesn't matter, they are all Tigers. 

I'm so glad baseball is back. 
This post was suppose to be more relevant, but it's not. So, sorry about that. I'm just very excited for baseball to be back. 

Here's one of my favorite quotes from my favorite shows, "Community"

"Only when we stop stopping our lives, can we begin to start starting them" Professor Whitman

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Spring Training.

I had someone recently tell me that he follows the Tigers better because of my facebook posts. He told me i should write a blog, i told him about my Twitter, he follows me now. I've had many people tell me they keep up with the Tigers because of my facebook, i laugh when i hear that. It's about to get all sorts of basebally on my FB.

Maybe i will use this as a Tiger blog of sorts. We shall see.

The Tigers are starting Spring Training. This is good, it means that spring and summer are soon here. We have a pretty good shot at the World Series this year, i don't want to jinx anything, so I will say no more.

I will leave you with these lovely images from the MLB's facebook page.

Happy Birthday to this guy. My favorite Tiger. Justin Verlander.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Having my own computer was a luxury. I miss my Mackie.
So, it was 55 degrees out yesterday, the last day of January. I had my window open for a few minutes, just letting the breeze in. It was awesome. I hope that February isn't a snow-megdon again.

That's all I've got. I've changed my background, what do you think?