Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Can Be Crafty, and Not in a Sneaky Way.

Lately, pinterest has inspired me to do crafty things. So, I make things for my friends. Here are a few of them.

This is what I made for my Harry Potter obsessed friend.

I painted a light switch on the right. I took the picture before the final touches were made, which were sparkles.
This idea came from this pin. HarryPotterLightSwitch

 I almost kept this one for myself, haha. I made a wind chime from bottle caps. This is actually my second one, the first one i painted the caps, and wired them together. I used only Bell's Brewery bottle caps, (keeping it local!) and drilled holes in the caps, and wired them together.

 Here's the inspiration for the bottle cap wind chimes. bottlecapwindchimes

This is a dragonfly made from wire, blue beads, and an old bangle bracelet.

There's no link for this one, it's a last minute project that turned out better than I thought it would.

Here's the first bottle cap wind chime I made for my Mom. I painted these caps blue and used an old cd to connect them all.

Pinterest is awesome. I'll keep adding my crafty projects as I make them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey Now, I have 20 Pairs of All-Stars.

So, in the last post I mentioned that i needed one more pair of Converse All Stars to make it a nice even twenty pairs. Guess what i got?

Yes! They DO look like disco balls! 

Now, i have a total of TWENTY pairs of Chucks. I have pretty much every color you can think of. And eventually I am going to wear a pair a day, and being as I am, take a photo of them. I'll more than likely blog about that. And i know you'll all be excited to read it.

So, i watch a lot of cartoons. I babysit, and i use that as an excuse to watch these cartoons. Lately, i've been missing Animaniacs like CRAZY.

End of post.

I wasn't sure how to end this, so i'll end it abruptly i guess.

edit-i just spent about 20 minutes redesigning this blog.

I still don't like it.