Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday. Baseball Sunday

Now, you'd think this would be about me going to a baseball game, it's not, sadly. BUT, it is about how Justin Verlander almost got ANOTHER no hitter. BUT DIDN'T. And that' fine he didn't because he got the WIN.

Um. I'm typing this on Dad's new laptop. Having a laptop resting on my lap makes me want Mackie back. :/ Soon, i believe.......sooooooon.

My phone is better now, just needed a new battery, buying said battery makes me almost broke. It's blinking at me right now telling me to charge it up. I will ignore this, but look at the twitter that just came threw, most likely from MLB about some trade rumor. Nope it's from Ashleigh, who is my baseball buddy.

Alrighty, i'm done. I'm going to twitter now. Peace out my babies.

Friday, July 8, 2011

True Story

I apparently update this thing once a month. So, if for some reason you're eager to read any new posts from me, let me know.

I just scared myself with my own hair, i thought it was a bug. Yes, it's so long and i felt it brush my arm, and freaked me out.

True story.

I need a new phone. Or phone battery, mine is craptastic.
I nicked my foot on the door earlier, made a bigger deal of the pain than the injury, and yah. The end.

That's all i have. Until next month ya'll