Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TGIF on ABC, Anyone Anyone? Bueller?

So, anyone remember the show "You Wish"

Probably not, but there is a couple of  episodes on the youtube. And, i wish it was on DVD.
Here's a clip from 1997, with Salem from "Sabrina"

The Genie is adorable.

That's the end of this post. But, not my sudden love of "You Wish"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We'll Eat A Lot of Broccoli and Drink A Lot of Beer.

It's my birthday. And, i know this because suddenly, there's a billion posts on my facebook, and a bunch of @beatlesjill79 on my twitter. I also know because my phone told me this morning.

Oh, and you know, i know my own birthday. Anyway, enjoy these baby pics of me. :D

I couldn't find the "happy birthday a-hole" cake..... oh here it is. :D

Saturday, September 17, 2011


My Tigers are going to the playoffs.
I cannot stop smiling. My eyes will not stop watering. And I cannot sleep. I'm so excited i just can't stand it. :D

I love this team.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This One Time at the LIE-BARY.

Mom and I went to the lie-bary, (no Forny, sorry guys) The check out lady called me by name, and i said. "it would have been creepy that you guys knew my name, but i know it's up on the computer."
Laughter. (of course.)
One of the other ladies noticed my shirt, saying "Nice sweatshirt, Go Tigers" and i showed her that i had checked out a book about Ernie Harwell, and how he would have LOVED to see this season. *sigh*

The lady told me she liked my braids, i replied that my hair was so long i couldn't think of another way to do it. Maybe in a Princess Leia way. *showing an example, she said she wanted to grow her hair as long as mine. I replied maybe I'll cut mine like yours. (really really short) and Mom said, "No." which i replied, "Maybe i'll get a Beatles haircut."

Mom was cool with the Beatles haircut idea. I'm not sure i want it that short.

On the way out the lady was like, "Nice to meet you Jill" and i was taken aback, but replied "You too and thanks"

Mom asked if i knew that lady, and i replied, "No, people tend to bond over the Tigers when they are doing well."

True Story.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Are You Wearing a Bonnet?

Sometimes, i want to do this:

thanks to AustenBlog for this.

Random Pencil Post.

Well, lookie there, it's fall. And i had to scrounge around for a hoodie because apparently i lost all my other ones. Hmmm. Dang hoodie fairies and their stealing ways. I did find one, and i know you all were worried about it. With the weather change, this means i've been sneezing my head off. Joy. Here i go *sneezes nine times* Okay. Well, i'm going to run out of tissues. Good thing it's long sleeved shirt weather......

I can't think of anything else, here's some random pictures. Enjoy.

I typed in BEATLES CAKE. And i need this.

But, my names not Mike, and I'm not 50. (Happy 50th B-day Mike wherever you are)

 It's awesome of course, but i would feel bad about cutting up my Beatles.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Later

Copied from my livejournal.
I didn't have a blog ten years ago. Heck, i barely knew what the internet was. Back then, the only thing i used a computer for was typing up term papers and reports for school. So, i decided to go back to my journal, the one i actually use to write in, it's a blue notebook with a picture cut out from the newspaper with the caption reading: "Detroit Tiger's Dean Palmer, right, congratulated by Bobby Higginson after hitting a three-run homer on April 29, has been a spark from his DH spot" There's a bunch of other stuff too, but that's not the point. The point is, i went back to the September 11th entry to see what i had written 10 years ago. Here it is.

September 15, 2001
A lot has happened, but not really to me, US is scared. Terrorists attacked and destroyed World Trade Center in NYC, Not to mention the Pentagon in DC. I was v. paranoid (this happened Tues 9/11) I didn't sleep for 2 nights.

Then i go on about the guy i had a crush on in college, So, the entry was pointless after that part.

I was in college, my second year, i was in Spanish class and our teacher instructor told us about the first plane, when i first heard this news, i was thinking it had to be an accident, but then i heard about the other plane and was astonished. I remember sitting in the cafetiera with my head phones on a radio station listening to the news, and finally going in search of a TV in the school to see if i could find out more. As events unfolded, and more details came out, i was flabbergasted about what i was seeing. Like it said above, i didn't sleep for two nights because i was glued to the TV watching live footage of Ground Zero hoping and praying that they would find more people. I was scared that for some reason that my smallish city would be next. They canceled school, of course, so i watched coverage.

Two years ago, Jen, her husband and I went to NYC. We walked by Ground Zero, and it was heartbreaking, to know all those people died in that spot. I'm tearing up thinking about all of this. I still get chills when i see the pictures from that day. I get angry too of course, because that day changed America forever. Everyone knows that.

I just thought I'd share my 9/11 story, everyone has one, this was mine.

I'm praying that nothing like that ever happens ever agian, sadly i know that's probably not possible, i'm praying that today nothing bad happens in my country, i hope people will forget there differences, love one another and just be there for each other.

I can't believe it's been 10 years.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hobo Jane

I'm not going to review "Dead Reckoning" why you ask? Because I don't feel like it. And in all honesty, i didn't finish it. I have to give it back to Adele, and i've read the ending, so I guess i do know how it ends. I read the endings of books first, GASP, i know, it's odd, but that's how i roll. I just don't feel like reviewing it. I didn't hate the book, this makes it seem like i COULDN'T finish it, but, i could have, i just ran out of time. Perhaps when it's in paper back, I'll add it to the Sookie collection i've got.

I'm taking Jane Kobo with me on our journey up north, and she's loaded with a few books, free e-books from the kobo website. God, i really wanted to call it a hobo there for a second. Maybe i will. HOBO HOBO!