Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all who read this who celebrate the Holiday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Wrappings.

That's the song I"m listening to at the moment of writing the title, thanks SPOTIFY. It's the Spice Girls version if you are wondering, and i'm sure you are wondering.

I finished making  this today.

And old CD, buttons, green paint,  and crepe paper because i don't have red ribbon. 

and this:

I cut up the old CD's and glued them to an old ugly green frame. And, BOOM.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jane Austen Wore All-Stars

Happy Birthday to my favorite author, Jane Austen.

I've been watching the movies based on Jane's novels. My favorites are of course:

Persuasion. I like both versions, they both have there qualities, and I don't understand why they have Anne running around Bath in the newer version. I get why, i think, but it just looks strange to me. The music is lovely though.

I'm also re-reading "Persuasion" 

And of course, Pride and Prejudice. I have five versions of this story, the best ones are the 1995 version, thank you BBC.

And the 2005 version.

I'm saving Pride and Prejudice for last. And am now going to watch "Sense and Sensibility" with Emma Thompson.

Friday, December 9, 2011

More Crafts.

 I'm holding Angry Fist Guy's hand.

Pride and Prejudice Ornaments.

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Crafty....and I can do Crafts Part TWO.

Here are a few more crafts I've.....crafted.

I had an old copy of "Pride and Prejudice" I cut up the pages, "decoupaged" them on to a wooden hallow book. I painted it with tea for that old fashioned look. And then, added gold glitter, because i wanted too. 

I painted 98 percent of these bottle caps. You can clearly tell which i didn't paint. My favs. are the MST3K one, actually, i like them all. They are pretty good. I'm impressed. 

Using tape, i made the lines on an old CD, painted the RED, GREEN, and RED. Painted Merry Christmas, and BOOM. There you go.

Coffee Filter snowflakes decopauged onto old CD's and glitter added. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm Crafty....and I can do Crafts!

So, because of Pinterest, my little brain has been in overdrive with crafty ideas. So, a few days ago, i pulled out all those beer bottle caps and began to CRAFT.

I plan on sticking magnets on the back, and giving some of them away. The one in the right hand bottom corner is going to be for Inspector Spacetime.

That's just ONE of the ideas i have. Seriously, Pinterest, thank you.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


You know when you have a cold? And you can tell it is coming, the throbbing of your head, the sudden tiredness? I felt that coming a few days ago. So, knowing I have things I needed to do this week i stayed up until about 3am on Saturday, but after church and Denny's I slept most of the day away on Sunday.
You can tell that there is something wrong with me when I asleep before 10.30pm. I took some Nitquil and was OUT. But the thing about nitquil is that it makes my dreams are sorts of CRAZY. And the sad thing is, i don't really remember any of them. They are all a crazy mess. I do remember bits about working at my old store, and it was during the time before the remodel, so that's odd. I wish i could remember the rest of these dreams.

And there is that moment you wake up, and realize that it is well past the time you thought you would actually wake up, and you curse the nitquil. Then, you notice that you feel slightly better, and then you thank the Nitquil.  And as you decide to "blog" about this, you stick a tissue up your nose so the snot doesn't get on your keyboard. You guys don't do that? Oh. Well, you should. It works rather nicely.

Whenever i take Nitquil, i think of this: Hibernol

That's all i got.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Magglio Has Moves Like Old Mick Jagger

Does my cat have swagger? Yes he does. So please go vote for Magglio.

Vote here. Vote often, like, every time you get on the internets.

Why does Magglio have swagger? Well, here's a picture:

Go vote for him. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

All For What Now?

Gretch and I went to see "The Three Musketeers". I have thoughts. I will try to make it non spoilery.

MR. DARCY! (Matthew Macfadyen)
PERCY JACKSON! (also, the kid from the horrible movie, "The Number 23")
Lots of other actors, who were not French, but were pretending to be French but had English Accents.
What is up with D'Artagnan's haircut? It looked like he cut his bangs too short, because he did. Sorry hairdressers, it looked BAD.
Orlando Bloom told the King Louis that he was RETRO. WHAT? No, i know this is not historically accurate. I don't know that much about this time period, but that cannot be correct.
The music was very "Pirates of the Caribbean" which, i guess makes sense, because Will Turner was in the movie.
There is a character i like to call, "Lord Eye Patch" if you see the movie, you will understand.
Also, the uber baddy, from "Inglourious Basterds" was in it too. Christoph Waltz, and you love to hate that guy, he's such a good actor. And the Resident Evil chick, Milla Jovovich is pretty good too.

All and all, i DID like it, it was cheezy, yes, and i couldn't help think about the Chris O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen and Keifer Sutherland version of my youth. (oh jeez, that movie came out in 1993, good gravy) and the Gene Kelly version.

I think i need to rewatch the 1993 version. You know, for nostalgia and stuffs.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

And Then....There was No Baseball For Jill

My baseball team is done for the year.
I got an extra two weeks in my season though.
We beat the yankees.
We had a FANTASTICAL year.
I love you guys. See you in MARCH. Go rest up, and JV stay single, *wink* lol.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Serenity Prayer Tigers Fans by Jen

Here's this. I think it's a good time for it. 

A Serenity Prayer For Jill, And All Tigers Fans by Jen.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
Like when pitchers get injured playing Wii sports
or the price of a hot dog at the CoPa;
courage to change the things I can,
by throwing out statistics from last season
to silence the naysayers this season.

Living one game at a time;
Enjoying one inning at a time;
Accepting losses and trades as the pathway to a better team eventually;
Taking, as Leyland did, this floundering team
as it was, not as we would have it;
Trusting that he will make all things right
while wearing his mirrored shades;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
even if they don't make it to the World Series
and supremely happy in the next season.
Play ball, Amen"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TGIF on ABC, Anyone Anyone? Bueller?

So, anyone remember the show "You Wish"

Probably not, but there is a couple of  episodes on the youtube. And, i wish it was on DVD.
Here's a clip from 1997, with Salem from "Sabrina"

The Genie is adorable.

That's the end of this post. But, not my sudden love of "You Wish"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We'll Eat A Lot of Broccoli and Drink A Lot of Beer.

It's my birthday. And, i know this because suddenly, there's a billion posts on my facebook, and a bunch of @beatlesjill79 on my twitter. I also know because my phone told me this morning.

Oh, and you know, i know my own birthday. Anyway, enjoy these baby pics of me. :D

I couldn't find the "happy birthday a-hole" cake..... oh here it is. :D

Saturday, September 17, 2011


My Tigers are going to the playoffs.
I cannot stop smiling. My eyes will not stop watering. And I cannot sleep. I'm so excited i just can't stand it. :D

I love this team.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This One Time at the LIE-BARY.

Mom and I went to the lie-bary, (no Forny, sorry guys) The check out lady called me by name, and i said. "it would have been creepy that you guys knew my name, but i know it's up on the computer."
Laughter. (of course.)
One of the other ladies noticed my shirt, saying "Nice sweatshirt, Go Tigers" and i showed her that i had checked out a book about Ernie Harwell, and how he would have LOVED to see this season. *sigh*

The lady told me she liked my braids, i replied that my hair was so long i couldn't think of another way to do it. Maybe in a Princess Leia way. *showing an example, she said she wanted to grow her hair as long as mine. I replied maybe I'll cut mine like yours. (really really short) and Mom said, "No." which i replied, "Maybe i'll get a Beatles haircut."

Mom was cool with the Beatles haircut idea. I'm not sure i want it that short.

On the way out the lady was like, "Nice to meet you Jill" and i was taken aback, but replied "You too and thanks"

Mom asked if i knew that lady, and i replied, "No, people tend to bond over the Tigers when they are doing well."

True Story.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Are You Wearing a Bonnet?

Sometimes, i want to do this:

thanks to AustenBlog for this.

Random Pencil Post.

Well, lookie there, it's fall. And i had to scrounge around for a hoodie because apparently i lost all my other ones. Hmmm. Dang hoodie fairies and their stealing ways. I did find one, and i know you all were worried about it. With the weather change, this means i've been sneezing my head off. Joy. Here i go *sneezes nine times* Okay. Well, i'm going to run out of tissues. Good thing it's long sleeved shirt weather......

I can't think of anything else, here's some random pictures. Enjoy.

I typed in BEATLES CAKE. And i need this.

But, my names not Mike, and I'm not 50. (Happy 50th B-day Mike wherever you are)

 It's awesome of course, but i would feel bad about cutting up my Beatles.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Later

Copied from my livejournal.
I didn't have a blog ten years ago. Heck, i barely knew what the internet was. Back then, the only thing i used a computer for was typing up term papers and reports for school. So, i decided to go back to my journal, the one i actually use to write in, it's a blue notebook with a picture cut out from the newspaper with the caption reading: "Detroit Tiger's Dean Palmer, right, congratulated by Bobby Higginson after hitting a three-run homer on April 29, has been a spark from his DH spot" There's a bunch of other stuff too, but that's not the point. The point is, i went back to the September 11th entry to see what i had written 10 years ago. Here it is.

September 15, 2001
A lot has happened, but not really to me, US is scared. Terrorists attacked and destroyed World Trade Center in NYC, Not to mention the Pentagon in DC. I was v. paranoid (this happened Tues 9/11) I didn't sleep for 2 nights.

Then i go on about the guy i had a crush on in college, So, the entry was pointless after that part.

I was in college, my second year, i was in Spanish class and our teacher instructor told us about the first plane, when i first heard this news, i was thinking it had to be an accident, but then i heard about the other plane and was astonished. I remember sitting in the cafetiera with my head phones on a radio station listening to the news, and finally going in search of a TV in the school to see if i could find out more. As events unfolded, and more details came out, i was flabbergasted about what i was seeing. Like it said above, i didn't sleep for two nights because i was glued to the TV watching live footage of Ground Zero hoping and praying that they would find more people. I was scared that for some reason that my smallish city would be next. They canceled school, of course, so i watched coverage.

Two years ago, Jen, her husband and I went to NYC. We walked by Ground Zero, and it was heartbreaking, to know all those people died in that spot. I'm tearing up thinking about all of this. I still get chills when i see the pictures from that day. I get angry too of course, because that day changed America forever. Everyone knows that.

I just thought I'd share my 9/11 story, everyone has one, this was mine.

I'm praying that nothing like that ever happens ever agian, sadly i know that's probably not possible, i'm praying that today nothing bad happens in my country, i hope people will forget there differences, love one another and just be there for each other.

I can't believe it's been 10 years.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hobo Jane

I'm not going to review "Dead Reckoning" why you ask? Because I don't feel like it. And in all honesty, i didn't finish it. I have to give it back to Adele, and i've read the ending, so I guess i do know how it ends. I read the endings of books first, GASP, i know, it's odd, but that's how i roll. I just don't feel like reviewing it. I didn't hate the book, this makes it seem like i COULDN'T finish it, but, i could have, i just ran out of time. Perhaps when it's in paper back, I'll add it to the Sookie collection i've got.

I'm taking Jane Kobo with me on our journey up north, and she's loaded with a few books, free e-books from the kobo website. God, i really wanted to call it a hobo there for a second. Maybe i will. HOBO HOBO!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rolling in the Deep......

The title is irrelevant, it's just the song that's stuck in my head.

So, when you go to Author's Conventions, naturally they give out a BILLION or so free books. Give or take a few million. I've been to THREE of these said conventions, (Romantic Pittsburgh, and two Authors After Dark, on in New York, the other recently in Philadelphia)

This year, in Philly, i not only gained about 13 free books, i also won an e-reader, a Kobo, which i've named Jane, after Jane Austen, because she's the dominate author on my Kobo. Though the first books that were put on my Kobo were Jennifer Armintrout books, so I may start calling it Jane Jen. Maybe. I'll think about that a bit more. Double J, Double A? That may work? IDK.

Anyway, what i was posting about was that i was going to READ all of these free books, and review them. I'm not a very wordy person, so the reviews will more than likely be short. But, I have to finish the latest Sookie Stackhouse book because I'm sure Adele would like it back at some point in time. So, maybe that will be my first review, but seeing as i can't seem to get into the book that much yet, I'll have to think about that.

So, i guess, stay tuned for my review of Charlaine Harris' "Dead Reckoning"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mackie's Back in Town.

And by town, i mean, my house.

Mackie's got a new hard drive, and a new DVD-Rom. With that, he's like a brand new Mac. So, i have to add everything that i had on him before. I'm working on it, the music on my itunes is crazy.

So, i'll see you guys in a few weeks. LOL......

Mackie was named after this guy:


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday. Baseball Sunday

Now, you'd think this would be about me going to a baseball game, it's not, sadly. BUT, it is about how Justin Verlander almost got ANOTHER no hitter. BUT DIDN'T. And that' fine he didn't because he got the WIN.

Um. I'm typing this on Dad's new laptop. Having a laptop resting on my lap makes me want Mackie back. :/ Soon, i believe.......sooooooon.

My phone is better now, just needed a new battery, buying said battery makes me almost broke. It's blinking at me right now telling me to charge it up. I will ignore this, but look at the twitter that just came threw, most likely from MLB about some trade rumor. Nope it's from Ashleigh, who is my baseball buddy.

Alrighty, i'm done. I'm going to twitter now. Peace out my babies.

Friday, July 8, 2011

True Story

I apparently update this thing once a month. So, if for some reason you're eager to read any new posts from me, let me know.

I just scared myself with my own hair, i thought it was a bug. Yes, it's so long and i felt it brush my arm, and freaked me out.

True story.

I need a new phone. Or phone battery, mine is craptastic.
I nicked my foot on the door earlier, made a bigger deal of the pain than the injury, and yah. The end.

That's all i have. Until next month ya'll

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Judy Garland.

Hi everyone.
I'm still around, Mackie-less. :(
They've been rearranging the rock piles were the factory used to be. It's loud, it's shaking the house, scaring Skeeter, and starts at SEVEN AM. I mean, really? Seven? Why not 9am?
Oh well.
The Tigers are doing really well. I don't want to jinx them, so i won't talk about them very much, but people have to realize that JUSTIN VERLANDER IS A BASEBALL GOD. Yes, he has his bad moments, but those are slimming down, and the man is just fantastical to watch.
Which leads me to think that Justin Verlander could move those rock piles WITH HIS AWESOMENESS.

That is all. ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

I was worried, not going to lie, i was worried that the Tigers of 2011 were quickly turn into the Tigers of 2003. After a SEVEN game losing streak, (shudders) but finally, my boys won, and now it's a WIN streak of TWO. (YEY)
Enjoy this photo i found at Roar of the Tigers.

It's from 2005, but it still applies today i think.

I watched "From Prada to Nada" last night, i liked it, it's based on "Sense and Sensibility" It takes place in LA, and there's a lot of Mexican culture, which when i started to watch it, it was May 5th, so i thought that was appropriate.

Community is all new tonight, and they are doing another Paintball episode. CANNOT WAIT.

That's all i got. Love and Tacos.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Oh, well look who's back blogging or something, why it's "JILL" and she's not posted anything for awhile. Whatever, no one is reading this anyway, which is too bad, because it's awesome.
Anyway, I've broken my beautiful Mac, dropped it, and lo and behold, Mackie gave up, *TEARS* this is sad because i treat Mackie as though he was my best computer friend, and he is, I've taken him many places with me, and he's been threw a lot. i miss him, sigh. Hopefully, he can be fixed, and i know someone who may be able to do that. *fingers crossed*
So, i'm using my dad's computer. Trying to stay focused, but not doing a good job.

That's really all i have so far. The Tigers are on in 15 minutes and I'd like to see them not WALK 11 BATTERS. WHAT THE HELL YOU GUYS?


Monday, March 28, 2011

Eye of Jill's Tigers Circa 2000

This is already on my facebook, but i've put it here to add photos. :D So, here it is again, with photos.

I came across my "notes" from a presentation i did for my Public Speaking Class in college. I THINK it was in 2000. Here it is, word from mis-spelled word. Enjoy.

Card ONE
-How many have been to a Major League Baseball Game?
-My first MLB game was at the historic Tiger Stadium (in 1999)
-Located at Michigan and Trumbell. (Detroit)
-When i first saw the grass i almost started to cry, I'm not sure why, maybe it was so cool to be their.
-I've been a Tiger's fan all my life, i can remember when they won the World Series in 1984, i was five, my family woke up my sister (who was a baby) because we where so loud.
-I was thrilled to be at Tiger's Stadium

Card TWO
-The Verve Pipe sang the National Anthem
-Dad and I sat in the 3rd Deck, which was scary beause I'm afaid of heights
-They have the numbers painted on the wall of players that had been retired
-The Tigers lost that game, 9-1 to the Cleveland Indians
-Some of the players i saw play at that game didn't play for the Tigers a year later, Gabe Kapler, (who I call Mr. Kotter) now plays for Texas. He (and a few others) were traded for Juan Gonzalez.
-Larry Parrish, the manager, was replaced by Phil Garner.

-After the game, and after the fans had cleared out, my Dad and I hung out for a while, Kirk Gibson walked quickly by me. That was the closest I'd ever been to a Tiger.
-They closed Tiger's Stadium, now they give tours and make HBO movies their, Robert Fick hit the final home run, it was a grand-slam
-The New Park is called Comerica Park, or the Copa as the Tiger fans call it.
-I couldn't wat to see it, after either watching or listening to every game, i was estaic to go.

-On Sept. 17, i finally got to go.
-We left at 8:00 in the morning, "we" being my parents and my friend Jenny and I. It was a Sunny day, very warm.
-I kept thinking how great it was to go.
-We stopped at my Aunt Kathy's house, she had gotten the tickets for us, (my parents didn't let me see them until we got their)
-Our seats were fantastic, right by the dugout, I touched the Tiger's dugout, we were FEET away from the on-deck circle. We were so close, i could have spit on the players, (not that i would)

-We waited for the game to start, and Jen wanted to get some food, so we did, and she came back with peanuts, nachoes, polish and Itailian saugage, i brought back a Mountain Dew.
-The game started and in the third inning my dad wanted a hat to sheild him from the sun, So, off when Jen and I on the search for hats.
-I bought 2 hats, Jen bought herself a hat eariler, and now owned a claw, Jen wanted something to drink, so we stopped for that.

Card SIX
-While waitin' for the Pepsi, my fav. Player, Dean Palmer hit his 27th homerun, And i was standing near a vender. When i found out, i started jumping up and down.
-We went back to our seats and enjoyed the game.
-I saw the Operetic Vender Charlie, who sings if you want a hotdog, he's really good.
-The Tigers were playing the Boston Red Sox, and i wanted the Red Sox to get within two runs of the Tigers. I wanted to see Todd Jones.
-Todd Jones saved the game, his 39th (he ended up with 42)

Card SEVEN (last card)
-Why I love the Tigers
-They've been my team all my life
-My fav. Tigers are: Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson, Dean Palmer and Bobby Higginson
-I remember the 2000 Tigers for many things, the huge fight with the White Sox, when they swept the Yankees, their all-Star pitcher, Todd Jones, and one of the greatest games of my life.
-If I move out of the state, if the Tiger never win a game ever again, I will still be their fan.
And in the World Series, Go Mets!
(the end)

i threw in a picture of JV because i LOVE him and he's my fav. player now. Him and Will Rhymes, and Brandon Inge.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh That This Hoodie Were a Time Hoodie.

I bought at hoodie at Old Navy for 9.50. It's pretty much the most comfy shirt i've ever owned. It smells good too, but it think it maybe the t-shirt i'm wearing under it.

My stomach is growling so loud, that if i was in school and it was doing that, i'd be trying to cover it up with coughing or clearing of my throat. It sounds like THUNDER.

My eye keeps twitching. Weird.

Post over.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Just In......

Okay....this is rant post.

My local Fox station is moving The Simpsons to 11pm.
I'm never going to watch them at 11, why? Because i'm either watching Conan, or the news. I don't like this Fox 17! The Simpsons have been on at 5pm EVERY week day for the past idk 15 years. Almost every weekday at 5, I'm like, oh, hey, the Simpsons are on. Even if i'm not watching it, i know it's there, it was almost comforting to know that it was one even if i wasn't going to watch it.

It's dumb to complain about, but they are replacing it with some Talk Show with the Anchors from the news. I'm not a fan anymore. Also, STOP SHOWING THE SAME EVEREST COMMERCIAL. OMG. I saw that commercial about 15 times in 2 hours.

Mad Hatter

This is the second part of my blogspot blog. I'm not sure why i need another blog, but i guess i do. I was going to do this with tumblr, but well, as everyone knows, tumblr is just a place to reblog photos and gifs and etc. So this will be my "review" blog. Or something, probably not, i'm not sure i need another blog, but whatever.

Anyway. I look good in hats.