Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Crafty....and I can do Crafts Part TWO.

Here are a few more crafts I've.....crafted.

I had an old copy of "Pride and Prejudice" I cut up the pages, "decoupaged" them on to a wooden hallow book. I painted it with tea for that old fashioned look. And then, added gold glitter, because i wanted too. 

I painted 98 percent of these bottle caps. You can clearly tell which i didn't paint. My favs. are the MST3K one, actually, i like them all. They are pretty good. I'm impressed. 

Using tape, i made the lines on an old CD, painted the RED, GREEN, and RED. Painted Merry Christmas, and BOOM. There you go.

Coffee Filter snowflakes decopauged onto old CD's and glitter added. 

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