Tuesday, November 1, 2011


You know when you have a cold? And you can tell it is coming, the throbbing of your head, the sudden tiredness? I felt that coming a few days ago. So, knowing I have things I needed to do this week i stayed up until about 3am on Saturday, but after church and Denny's I slept most of the day away on Sunday.
You can tell that there is something wrong with me when I asleep before 10.30pm. I took some Nitquil and was OUT. But the thing about nitquil is that it makes my dreams are sorts of CRAZY. And the sad thing is, i don't really remember any of them. They are all a crazy mess. I do remember bits about working at my old store, and it was during the time before the remodel, so that's odd. I wish i could remember the rest of these dreams.

And there is that moment you wake up, and realize that it is well past the time you thought you would actually wake up, and you curse the nitquil. Then, you notice that you feel slightly better, and then you thank the Nitquil.  And as you decide to "blog" about this, you stick a tissue up your nose so the snot doesn't get on your keyboard. You guys don't do that? Oh. Well, you should. It works rather nicely.

Whenever i take Nitquil, i think of this: Hibernol

That's all i got.

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