Monday, March 28, 2011

Eye of Jill's Tigers Circa 2000

This is already on my facebook, but i've put it here to add photos. :D So, here it is again, with photos.

I came across my "notes" from a presentation i did for my Public Speaking Class in college. I THINK it was in 2000. Here it is, word from mis-spelled word. Enjoy.

Card ONE
-How many have been to a Major League Baseball Game?
-My first MLB game was at the historic Tiger Stadium (in 1999)
-Located at Michigan and Trumbell. (Detroit)
-When i first saw the grass i almost started to cry, I'm not sure why, maybe it was so cool to be their.
-I've been a Tiger's fan all my life, i can remember when they won the World Series in 1984, i was five, my family woke up my sister (who was a baby) because we where so loud.
-I was thrilled to be at Tiger's Stadium

Card TWO
-The Verve Pipe sang the National Anthem
-Dad and I sat in the 3rd Deck, which was scary beause I'm afaid of heights
-They have the numbers painted on the wall of players that had been retired
-The Tigers lost that game, 9-1 to the Cleveland Indians
-Some of the players i saw play at that game didn't play for the Tigers a year later, Gabe Kapler, (who I call Mr. Kotter) now plays for Texas. He (and a few others) were traded for Juan Gonzalez.
-Larry Parrish, the manager, was replaced by Phil Garner.

-After the game, and after the fans had cleared out, my Dad and I hung out for a while, Kirk Gibson walked quickly by me. That was the closest I'd ever been to a Tiger.
-They closed Tiger's Stadium, now they give tours and make HBO movies their, Robert Fick hit the final home run, it was a grand-slam
-The New Park is called Comerica Park, or the Copa as the Tiger fans call it.
-I couldn't wat to see it, after either watching or listening to every game, i was estaic to go.

-On Sept. 17, i finally got to go.
-We left at 8:00 in the morning, "we" being my parents and my friend Jenny and I. It was a Sunny day, very warm.
-I kept thinking how great it was to go.
-We stopped at my Aunt Kathy's house, she had gotten the tickets for us, (my parents didn't let me see them until we got their)
-Our seats were fantastic, right by the dugout, I touched the Tiger's dugout, we were FEET away from the on-deck circle. We were so close, i could have spit on the players, (not that i would)

-We waited for the game to start, and Jen wanted to get some food, so we did, and she came back with peanuts, nachoes, polish and Itailian saugage, i brought back a Mountain Dew.
-The game started and in the third inning my dad wanted a hat to sheild him from the sun, So, off when Jen and I on the search for hats.
-I bought 2 hats, Jen bought herself a hat eariler, and now owned a claw, Jen wanted something to drink, so we stopped for that.

Card SIX
-While waitin' for the Pepsi, my fav. Player, Dean Palmer hit his 27th homerun, And i was standing near a vender. When i found out, i started jumping up and down.
-We went back to our seats and enjoyed the game.
-I saw the Operetic Vender Charlie, who sings if you want a hotdog, he's really good.
-The Tigers were playing the Boston Red Sox, and i wanted the Red Sox to get within two runs of the Tigers. I wanted to see Todd Jones.
-Todd Jones saved the game, his 39th (he ended up with 42)

Card SEVEN (last card)
-Why I love the Tigers
-They've been my team all my life
-My fav. Tigers are: Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson, Dean Palmer and Bobby Higginson
-I remember the 2000 Tigers for many things, the huge fight with the White Sox, when they swept the Yankees, their all-Star pitcher, Todd Jones, and one of the greatest games of my life.
-If I move out of the state, if the Tiger never win a game ever again, I will still be their fan.
And in the World Series, Go Mets!
(the end)

i threw in a picture of JV because i LOVE him and he's my fav. player now. Him and Will Rhymes, and Brandon Inge.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh That This Hoodie Were a Time Hoodie.

I bought at hoodie at Old Navy for 9.50. It's pretty much the most comfy shirt i've ever owned. It smells good too, but it think it maybe the t-shirt i'm wearing under it.

My stomach is growling so loud, that if i was in school and it was doing that, i'd be trying to cover it up with coughing or clearing of my throat. It sounds like THUNDER.

My eye keeps twitching. Weird.

Post over.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Just In......

Okay....this is rant post.

My local Fox station is moving The Simpsons to 11pm.
I'm never going to watch them at 11, why? Because i'm either watching Conan, or the news. I don't like this Fox 17! The Simpsons have been on at 5pm EVERY week day for the past idk 15 years. Almost every weekday at 5, I'm like, oh, hey, the Simpsons are on. Even if i'm not watching it, i know it's there, it was almost comforting to know that it was one even if i wasn't going to watch it.

It's dumb to complain about, but they are replacing it with some Talk Show with the Anchors from the news. I'm not a fan anymore. Also, STOP SHOWING THE SAME EVEREST COMMERCIAL. OMG. I saw that commercial about 15 times in 2 hours.

Mad Hatter

This is the second part of my blogspot blog. I'm not sure why i need another blog, but i guess i do. I was going to do this with tumblr, but well, as everyone knows, tumblr is just a place to reblog photos and gifs and etc. So this will be my "review" blog. Or something, probably not, i'm not sure i need another blog, but whatever.

Anyway. I look good in hats.