Monday, March 28, 2011

Eye of Jill's Tigers Circa 2000

This is already on my facebook, but i've put it here to add photos. :D So, here it is again, with photos.

I came across my "notes" from a presentation i did for my Public Speaking Class in college. I THINK it was in 2000. Here it is, word from mis-spelled word. Enjoy.

Card ONE
-How many have been to a Major League Baseball Game?
-My first MLB game was at the historic Tiger Stadium (in 1999)
-Located at Michigan and Trumbell. (Detroit)
-When i first saw the grass i almost started to cry, I'm not sure why, maybe it was so cool to be their.
-I've been a Tiger's fan all my life, i can remember when they won the World Series in 1984, i was five, my family woke up my sister (who was a baby) because we where so loud.
-I was thrilled to be at Tiger's Stadium

Card TWO
-The Verve Pipe sang the National Anthem
-Dad and I sat in the 3rd Deck, which was scary beause I'm afaid of heights
-They have the numbers painted on the wall of players that had been retired
-The Tigers lost that game, 9-1 to the Cleveland Indians
-Some of the players i saw play at that game didn't play for the Tigers a year later, Gabe Kapler, (who I call Mr. Kotter) now plays for Texas. He (and a few others) were traded for Juan Gonzalez.
-Larry Parrish, the manager, was replaced by Phil Garner.

-After the game, and after the fans had cleared out, my Dad and I hung out for a while, Kirk Gibson walked quickly by me. That was the closest I'd ever been to a Tiger.
-They closed Tiger's Stadium, now they give tours and make HBO movies their, Robert Fick hit the final home run, it was a grand-slam
-The New Park is called Comerica Park, or the Copa as the Tiger fans call it.
-I couldn't wat to see it, after either watching or listening to every game, i was estaic to go.

-On Sept. 17, i finally got to go.
-We left at 8:00 in the morning, "we" being my parents and my friend Jenny and I. It was a Sunny day, very warm.
-I kept thinking how great it was to go.
-We stopped at my Aunt Kathy's house, she had gotten the tickets for us, (my parents didn't let me see them until we got their)
-Our seats were fantastic, right by the dugout, I touched the Tiger's dugout, we were FEET away from the on-deck circle. We were so close, i could have spit on the players, (not that i would)

-We waited for the game to start, and Jen wanted to get some food, so we did, and she came back with peanuts, nachoes, polish and Itailian saugage, i brought back a Mountain Dew.
-The game started and in the third inning my dad wanted a hat to sheild him from the sun, So, off when Jen and I on the search for hats.
-I bought 2 hats, Jen bought herself a hat eariler, and now owned a claw, Jen wanted something to drink, so we stopped for that.

Card SIX
-While waitin' for the Pepsi, my fav. Player, Dean Palmer hit his 27th homerun, And i was standing near a vender. When i found out, i started jumping up and down.
-We went back to our seats and enjoyed the game.
-I saw the Operetic Vender Charlie, who sings if you want a hotdog, he's really good.
-The Tigers were playing the Boston Red Sox, and i wanted the Red Sox to get within two runs of the Tigers. I wanted to see Todd Jones.
-Todd Jones saved the game, his 39th (he ended up with 42)

Card SEVEN (last card)
-Why I love the Tigers
-They've been my team all my life
-My fav. Tigers are: Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson, Dean Palmer and Bobby Higginson
-I remember the 2000 Tigers for many things, the huge fight with the White Sox, when they swept the Yankees, their all-Star pitcher, Todd Jones, and one of the greatest games of my life.
-If I move out of the state, if the Tiger never win a game ever again, I will still be their fan.
And in the World Series, Go Mets!
(the end)

i threw in a picture of JV because i LOVE him and he's my fav. player now. Him and Will Rhymes, and Brandon Inge.

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