Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Oh, well look who's back blogging or something, why it's "JILL" and she's not posted anything for awhile. Whatever, no one is reading this anyway, which is too bad, because it's awesome.
Anyway, I've broken my beautiful Mac, dropped it, and lo and behold, Mackie gave up, *TEARS* this is sad because i treat Mackie as though he was my best computer friend, and he is, I've taken him many places with me, and he's been threw a lot. i miss him, sigh. Hopefully, he can be fixed, and i know someone who may be able to do that. *fingers crossed*
So, i'm using my dad's computer. Trying to stay focused, but not doing a good job.

That's really all i have so far. The Tigers are on in 15 minutes and I'd like to see them not WALK 11 BATTERS. WHAT THE HELL YOU GUYS?


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