Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rolling in the Deep......

The title is irrelevant, it's just the song that's stuck in my head.

So, when you go to Author's Conventions, naturally they give out a BILLION or so free books. Give or take a few million. I've been to THREE of these said conventions, (Romantic Pittsburgh, and two Authors After Dark, on in New York, the other recently in Philadelphia)

This year, in Philly, i not only gained about 13 free books, i also won an e-reader, a Kobo, which i've named Jane, after Jane Austen, because she's the dominate author on my Kobo. Though the first books that were put on my Kobo were Jennifer Armintrout books, so I may start calling it Jane Jen. Maybe. I'll think about that a bit more. Double J, Double A? That may work? IDK.

Anyway, what i was posting about was that i was going to READ all of these free books, and review them. I'm not a very wordy person, so the reviews will more than likely be short. But, I have to finish the latest Sookie Stackhouse book because I'm sure Adele would like it back at some point in time. So, maybe that will be my first review, but seeing as i can't seem to get into the book that much yet, I'll have to think about that.

So, i guess, stay tuned for my review of Charlaine Harris' "Dead Reckoning"

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