Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hobo Jane

I'm not going to review "Dead Reckoning" why you ask? Because I don't feel like it. And in all honesty, i didn't finish it. I have to give it back to Adele, and i've read the ending, so I guess i do know how it ends. I read the endings of books first, GASP, i know, it's odd, but that's how i roll. I just don't feel like reviewing it. I didn't hate the book, this makes it seem like i COULDN'T finish it, but, i could have, i just ran out of time. Perhaps when it's in paper back, I'll add it to the Sookie collection i've got.

I'm taking Jane Kobo with me on our journey up north, and she's loaded with a few books, free e-books from the kobo website. God, i really wanted to call it a hobo there for a second. Maybe i will. HOBO HOBO!

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