Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Later

Copied from my livejournal.
I didn't have a blog ten years ago. Heck, i barely knew what the internet was. Back then, the only thing i used a computer for was typing up term papers and reports for school. So, i decided to go back to my journal, the one i actually use to write in, it's a blue notebook with a picture cut out from the newspaper with the caption reading: "Detroit Tiger's Dean Palmer, right, congratulated by Bobby Higginson after hitting a three-run homer on April 29, has been a spark from his DH spot" There's a bunch of other stuff too, but that's not the point. The point is, i went back to the September 11th entry to see what i had written 10 years ago. Here it is.

September 15, 2001
A lot has happened, but not really to me, US is scared. Terrorists attacked and destroyed World Trade Center in NYC, Not to mention the Pentagon in DC. I was v. paranoid (this happened Tues 9/11) I didn't sleep for 2 nights.

Then i go on about the guy i had a crush on in college, So, the entry was pointless after that part.

I was in college, my second year, i was in Spanish class and our teacher instructor told us about the first plane, when i first heard this news, i was thinking it had to be an accident, but then i heard about the other plane and was astonished. I remember sitting in the cafetiera with my head phones on a radio station listening to the news, and finally going in search of a TV in the school to see if i could find out more. As events unfolded, and more details came out, i was flabbergasted about what i was seeing. Like it said above, i didn't sleep for two nights because i was glued to the TV watching live footage of Ground Zero hoping and praying that they would find more people. I was scared that for some reason that my smallish city would be next. They canceled school, of course, so i watched coverage.

Two years ago, Jen, her husband and I went to NYC. We walked by Ground Zero, and it was heartbreaking, to know all those people died in that spot. I'm tearing up thinking about all of this. I still get chills when i see the pictures from that day. I get angry too of course, because that day changed America forever. Everyone knows that.

I just thought I'd share my 9/11 story, everyone has one, this was mine.

I'm praying that nothing like that ever happens ever agian, sadly i know that's probably not possible, i'm praying that today nothing bad happens in my country, i hope people will forget there differences, love one another and just be there for each other.

I can't believe it's been 10 years.

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