Thursday, September 15, 2011

This One Time at the LIE-BARY.

Mom and I went to the lie-bary, (no Forny, sorry guys) The check out lady called me by name, and i said. "it would have been creepy that you guys knew my name, but i know it's up on the computer."
Laughter. (of course.)
One of the other ladies noticed my shirt, saying "Nice sweatshirt, Go Tigers" and i showed her that i had checked out a book about Ernie Harwell, and how he would have LOVED to see this season. *sigh*

The lady told me she liked my braids, i replied that my hair was so long i couldn't think of another way to do it. Maybe in a Princess Leia way. *showing an example, she said she wanted to grow her hair as long as mine. I replied maybe I'll cut mine like yours. (really really short) and Mom said, "No." which i replied, "Maybe i'll get a Beatles haircut."

Mom was cool with the Beatles haircut idea. I'm not sure i want it that short.

On the way out the lady was like, "Nice to meet you Jill" and i was taken aback, but replied "You too and thanks"

Mom asked if i knew that lady, and i replied, "No, people tend to bond over the Tigers when they are doing well."

True Story.

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