Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello January.

Holy Moses. Long time no talk bloggy people.

The weather in Kalamazoo is crazy. Last week, we got about 8 inches of snow. Then, it warmed up for a day, then, more snow. Last night, THUNDERSTORM. Today, rain, and wind, and SNOW.
Anyway. My Mackie is sick again, perhaps forever this time.
I've been watching a lot more football this year, mainly due to the Lions not sucking as much as they have in the past 13 years. They even made the playoffs, and that's impressive.
Words with friends is ADDICTIVE. My friend and I have at least EIGHT games going right now. I've been taking a photo a day since the 1st, and putting them into my facebook. Some pictures are awesome, some are less awesome.
I rewatched Arrested Development. I love that show. I will be glad when the new episodes and the movie are made. I am interested to see how they do it.
That's all folks. Peace out my babies.

73 Days until Opening Day. I CANNOT WAIT for this.

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