Friday, April 27, 2012

Piercing Blue Eyes of an Ice Dragon

Tigers, well, we got swept by the Mariners last year too, and we were fine.
They've released Brandon Inge. And this is bad and good. He's a good person, gives back to Detroit, and liked living in Michigan, and everyone loved him, well, not everyone. He was batting .100. And, that's not good, baseball-wise, and his fielding at second base was iffy to say the least. So, the Tigers let him go. I hope he finds a team he can play for and actually PLAYS for them.
Good Luck Mr. Inge.

Delmon. I have no words for you.

Community and 30 Rock were AWESOME last night. (April 26) The Law and Order Community was fantastical, i never want this show to end. And 30 Rock, you had PAUL FREAKING MCCARTNEY and i flipped out. The live show was wonderful, and i thought it was funnier than last years live show.
This connects the two.

Troy on 30 Rock as a Young Tracy.

Meanwhile, in unrelated baseball news. Lisa and i were talking via the IM a few months ago, and she sends me a link for the Goyte song "Somebody I Used to Know"  She warned me about the "nudity." lol. And they played this song on Glee a few weeks ago, and thinking it sounded familiar, i thought, i like this song. Then, Goyte was on SNL, and i re-watched the video and everything fell into place. What's my point you may ask, and my reply would be, i don't remember. No, wait, i do, my point is this song has been stuck in my noggin since the SNL performance. And that i should just start listening to whatever music Lisa does. She told me about Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" before I even knew who Gaga was.

I'm going to create some more Converse All Stars on

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